Willie King: Basement Waterproofing Royalty

By Foundation Repair Marketing Leads

Willie gives us massive insights on how to run a proper waterproofing business that has deep foundations of integrity and pride. He travels all over helping tackle some of the most challenging basement waterproofing projects known to man…and he does it with tact.

If you’re looking to learn how to run a waterproofing business that can stand on its ethics while being profitable, look no further. We gain tremendous, applicable lessons from Willie who’s an authored expert in this space. He really details how to take care of your clients plus the projects at hand beyond just doing the basics to make more revenue.

This episode was a true joy and we were so glad to host Willie King, a true legend in the waterproofing industry.

Check out his website at https://www.thebasementkings.net/ or reach his firm at 214-548-6949.

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