Podcast With Bob Zadek: Conceptualizing Cashflow in Foundation Repair Industry, Insights From a Lawyer Who Lends

By Foundation Repair Marketing Leads

We had Bob Zadek on this episode who isn’t just an acclaimed lawyer, but has also been active in commercial finance and factoring for decades. If you want to learn about money management and how to maximize getting paid quicker, then watch this podcast today, it’ll maximize your business. His insights on financing and growing a business will help you scale your firm more surely no doubt. To know more about Bob and his services visit https://www.skyscend.com/ and https://www.lendersfunding.com/ today.

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Facebook groups and association communications are wonderful but now you all have a place to be real and open about how to be a juggernaut in the foundation repair space. We are taking podcast guests who are owners, contractors, vendors, etc. in the space to share their wisdom about all that is foundation repair.
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